What is a Grinding Machine?

What kinds of machines?

A grinding machine finishes the surfaces of metals by rotating its disk-shaped grinding wheel (tool) at high speed.

Where are they used?

Dies that shape various materials such as plastic, glass, rubber and of course metal are indispensable in manufacturing industrial products and contribute to our livelihoods behind the scenes. The constituent components of “dies” must have extremely high surface precision in order to produce the smooth surfaces or the complex and exact shapes of products. Therefore, it is not too much to say that the finishing process by grinding is essential. In other words, dies too serve us as very much a part of our livelihoods. In addition, they are widely used for precision machining of carbide tools, etc.

Our commitments

As the pioneering manufacturer who proposed high reciprocating grinding, we delivers high-grade finishing of precision die parts, special tools and every other sort of workpiece, and proposes “automation,” “improved high precision” and “improved high efficiency” by merging the latest digital technologies with grinding know-how nurtured over many years to meet ever increasing machining requirements.

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