Structures that are constructed/built include various structures such as high-rise buildings, towers, condominiums, schools, plants, warehouses and bridges. Many steel structures that serve as the steel frames of structures are manufactured using machines such as drilling machines and band saw machines.


Automobile manufacturing—a representative industry of Japan and essential for everyday living—involves many machining processes. Grinding machines play an active role in the machining of precision parts and the finishing of molding die components.

Medical care

Manufacturing through precision machining is common in the medical field as well. Grinding machines are used for the highly-precise finishing of hard-to-machine complex and ultrafine shapes.

Steel materials

Creating the “products” used in our industrial world requires the use of many “parts” created by diverse types of machining. Steel materials go through a number of machining processes before finally becoming finished parts. To produce such parts, processing starts with cutting appropriate sizes and amounts of steel from large masses of steel material using a band saw or circular saw.


Diverse metal processing tools. These tools cannot work well if they lack precision. Grinding machines are used to finish these tools with high precision.


Dies are essential in high volume production in various fields, not only for metal parts but also resin parts. The components of a die must of course be durable as we as have a very high degree of surface precision. To clear these requirements, grinding machines are used.

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